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When it comes to "Most value for your money" the Cyberhome dvd player is certainly amongst the top notch of dvd players and despite its a small name branch and tiny size. It must certainly not be underestimated this little mashine can be programmed to play other then region 1 discs, and its small size makes it easy to transport. it will also work great in combination with a DVD recorder since it has a S-Video output it has a variable voltage output from 110V to 220V witch makes this DVD Player truly International.

When the time come to setting up the dvd player it is recommended to use and follow the manual. and make sure you set up your regions right. For example if you are from the US you will need to set it to NTSC and what goes for Europe you will need to use PAL. If you are unfamiliar with this heres another example: Incase you are on vacation in England and buy a DVD there it will be in PAL format it won't play in the average North American region 1 NTSC DVD player because the english TV format is PAL and region 2

Even though the Manual is not included with instruction on how to change regions on cyberhome dvd players, this can be found if searching the internet for your specific model.

The Cyberhome DVD players are easy to use and great for families. It has a function that enables parents to block certain DVDs with a particular rating. The front of the dvd player the buttons are clearly marked for easy reading. And with the buttons glow in the dark it makes the easy to locate, most of these DVD players comes in two colors, silver and black this will make it match most other entertainment systems.

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Its been reported that some of these dvd players the remote control can be no more than 7 feet away from the player, and must be pointed directly at the unit to work proberly. Even though they are palm-sized and lightweight and still control most of the feautures the DVD player offers. Other features the Cyberhome dvd player offers are a slow button aswell as a zoom witch will allow the screen to be magnified up to 4 times.

My conclusion regarding Cyberhome DVD Player is, that you won't find many dvd players at around $30 that will perform allmost like the DVD players that costs $300 and more. My impression is that most people would be, ok with the cheap one from cyberhome bought at Sears and by that saving alot of money. During my research ive also stumpled on some bad reviews about Cyberhome dvd player some have had technical issus and a few complainted about bad costumer support. Still the products manage to get 3 and 3 ½ (out of 5) stars rating at one of the biggest online shops and this with more then 500 real people reviews.


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